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Accounting Software
Accounting software is software used by businesses to track financial statements, cash flow, invoicing, bank accounts, and purchase orders. 
Construction Software
Construction software helps firms automate critical processes such as takeoff, estimating, project management and accounting, and integrates various applications and stages of the project life cycle, from pre-sale through building and final billing.
Content Management Software (CMS)
Web content management. First, there are CMS for websites, often specified as “Web-CMS (W-CMS).” As generally understood, a W-CMS helps create published and unpublished content within a website that is intended for public distribution. The W-CMS platform can facilitate a blog and an online store, among other types of Web-based content.
CPQ Software
CPQ software is used by sales professionals to provide cost estimates for custom orders, often in the context of a built-to-order manufacturing operation. With a CPQ solution, a salesperson can use requirements, order volume and other details from the client to generate an estimate on the spot. 
CRM Software
Customer relationship management (CRM) software is software that automates and manages the customer life cycle of an organization. 
Customer Experience Software
Customer experience software is closely related to customer relationship management (CRM) software, as well as customer feedback and customer service solutions. Where CX software differs is its focus on leveraging customer insight to create actionable improvements in the customer journey.
ERP Software
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers a set of tools that share a common process and data model, covering end-to-end operational processes, such as accounting, analytics, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources (HR) management.
Field Service Software
If you have ever waited from noon to 6 pm for a representative to appear, you know the importance of a good system. This mobile field service software category helps companies schedule and track outside operations. For representatives, it provides schedules, routes, customer information and information regarding necessary supplies and parts. Managers can schedule outside agents and resources, track customer history and manage work orders.
Human Resources Software
Human resources (HR) software is designed to help business leaders and human resource personnel recruit, hire, manage, and develop employees. Core HR applications for payroll and time and attendance can help streamline operational needs, while more strategic talent management applications (such as performance management systems) can optimize employee productivity.
Marketing Software
The marketing technology landscape is growing and diversifying. As more consumers go online to look for information and research products, more marketers are focusing on digital strategies. Over the years, new categories of marketing software have emerged to support this shift.



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Our team of advisors is based out of Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Germany. They’re friends, coworkers, parents, dog owners, surfers, music listeners, park goers, beer lovers and software specialists! Our software selection advisors specialize in certain industries, including construction, building materials, manufacturing and more, which means you’ll always be paired up with someone who knows your market. Our advisors love helping business like yours thrive!
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We work with all major vendors in the software space. Adding more every day on a project basis. Have a software requirement not covered by us? We will find that too!
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We work with the top SI and resellers of the software vendors. Only if our background research is positive, will we recommend those partners to you.

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